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Someone please explain neck turning to me. I know that the benchrest crowd uses this to pare down the neck size to allow their ultra accurate cartridges to fit their ultra tight throats.
It seems to me that uniforming the neck walls would be a good thing overall, but which operation is done first? Do you turn the outside first? How about the inside? Where does case sizing fall in the sequence? Some of the specilaity dies recommend expanding as a seperate step?
The reason that I ask is that recently, I have been reloading bulk for an AR. I started noticing that the insides of the neck, where it meets the shoulder, is starting to grow the dreaded "donut" and I can feel when the bullet seats against, and then passes this ridge. Can this be overcome in any other method? Am I approaching the end of the service life of this brass (mixed lot WCC and LC)? How many loads should I expect (I know this depends on lot, powder, and power levels, but I mean in general)?
OK, I may never NEED to do any of this, but it's another chance to buy some really cool tools!

Thanks in advance.


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