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Guy. See if you can locate data for the 38/44 S&W cartridge. At one time these were loaded for S&W revolvers known as the 38/44HD and the 38/44 Outdoorsman. These rounds were the predecessor to the .357 Magnum, and quite potent. I have an Outdoorsman and it is quite accurate. I once killed a black bear, many years ago, with one using the 38/44 factory ammo. This stuff is more powerful than .38 Spl. Plus P. The older Lyman books classed them as "High Velocity" .38 Spl. loads in their manuals. Data was for lead bullets only, as no jacketed bullets were available at that time. For bullets of 150 gr. or less, Unique was the powder of choice, while #2400 was used for those, and heavier bullets as well. Velocities slightly higher than 1200 FPS were recorded with #2400 and 158 gr. bullets. One thing though. Current Alliant #2400 seems to be a bit faster burning than the Hercules version. I had to cut my .44 Magnum load, which was the one Elmer Keith used, back by two grains, and my pet .357 Magnum load by one grain, and it still kicks a lot harder that any factory stuff out now. I shoot no jacketed bullets in any of my .38's and .357's other than factory ammo for defensive purposes. Frankly, I'd just as soon use my lead reloads, but we have enough trouble with an anti-gun county attorney as it is. She has already stated that reloaded ammo will automatically cause a murder one accusation, because you made special ammo to kill someone. Of course we all know that's B.S., but convince her.
If you look for the manuals I mentioned, try to find one earlier than Lyman's 43 edition. Mine does not have the data. I do have one that is earlier that has it, but the cover is missing. I don't give data over the forums, liability garbage, you know, but if you can't find the data, let me know and I'll pass on what little I have via E-mail.
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