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I guess I'll be the contrary old cuss here! I've argued with fellow reloaders for years about Bullseye and 231. I personally just don't like the idea of using such a fast powder. Especially in loads that are going to be loaded in vast quanitities where necessarily quality control will be less. It just bothers me to use a powder that gives me working pressures with so little actual mass. I end up checking and rechecking to make sure I don't have any double or triple charges. I'm personally much happier with something that will overflow the case if you try to use a double charge. Maybe that's why I started using Trail Boss in my cowboy guns!

For ease of metering and a broad range of burn speeds, it is hard to beat Accurate Arms. I use #5 in .45 ACP loads. I use a LOT of #7. Perfect for 9mm and .32 Magnum top loads. Works well with the magnum cases at the high medium level. And #9 will give you results just under 296. A great family of ball powders.

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