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SOS different day

Does this generic answer look familiar?


The Firing Line is not the only place that "Pepe" posted. Please note that the date of his post is 10-11-05, and his problem has been resolved. I responded to his post on The High Road, I am not going to do that again, however, since you seem to have a legitimate issue, I have forwarded you a copy of my response. Again, if you will provide an order number or date of order I will research it and issue a refund if the order has, in fact, never been sent. Thank you,


My reply:Forget it, I went through one year of giving you my info. You screwed me from day one. You claimed to have picked me a r hand 1911 black paddle holster from "gun show stock", and some guy I talked to 3 times said you never told him a thing about it,and no one around there ever knew what was going on from one day to the next, but would get me the holster with your "next run" story. Again i never got i it. Next contact was "I will credit your card back. But that takes a while, as we only do that once a month or so". HUH?It still has never been done. This went on & on for another year. I probably have as much time in long distance calls as the holster is worth.

Seeing that you pulled the exact same thing on another customer in the same time period refreshed my memory.

I already heard from Paul Valone from GRNC. His suggestion is to let Steve know of the people you screwed over. Steve is known for bouncing your kind from his shows.

I was stupid enough to take you and your people at your word. I am NOT going through the hastle of having my Credit Card company go looking for that invoice. It did no good for close to 2 years. Why should it change now? The only dates I remember was I oredered it well before my November 2nd Birthday. It was to be a present from my wife. Thr first order was placed arounder September. Probably 2004.

Like I said, I wrote it off as a loss long ago.
I would much rather spread the word on your business practices.
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