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Paul it all boils down to the old saying..........each rifle is a law unto itself. In my young years and not knowing a bit better I decided to glass bed an 03A3 in a Fajan stock. Well I did alright! I bedded the barrel and did NOT do the action! Yea I know now backasswards. Well the damn thing went to shooting 1/2 to 3/4 groups with a full case of 4831 and 190 Match Kings. 5 shot groups that is! By all that was written it should not have been able to hit a barn if fired from inside it. Oh by the way the 4831 is considered to be an overload now! The load was given to me by an old shooter that had been using it ever since he got some of the irst H4831 sold. He never had a problem and I did not either . I did back off a lil when I got my first manuals. That was almost 40 years ago. Rifle is still bedded wrong and still shooting less than 1 inch .

Carlyle Hebert
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