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Paul, nowhere did I ever say that a 1-12 in a .30-06 will not stabilize a 220 grain bullet. I said it is not the optimum, neither is a 1-10 for that heavy a bullet. I have a very old Rem. 700 22-250 with a 1-14 twist, and yes it will stabalize a 70 grain Speer bullet.....but not very well. The groups are nothing to brag about, but it does stabalize them (sort of). Load it with a 45 or 50 grain bullet even a 52 grain and it is a tack driver! A 1-12 in a 30-06 is about the same way with a 220, yes it works, but about a 1-8 or 1-9 would be better just like a 1-8 or 1-9 would make that 70 Grain Speer really drive little bitty tacks in my 22-250.

Carlyle Hebert

OOPS! forgot to add that Husqvarna for years used a 1-12 twist in the 30-05 too.

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Better make that a 30-06

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