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Yep, you heard right.

But, there's NOTHING truly useful you can learn by finding out how "fast" a powder burns other than getting a VERY general rule of thumb of what cartridges it MIGHT be good for.

Those burning rate charts you see in reloading manuals are only approximations at best and should NEVER be used to try and determine specific loads.

Their only true use is to get a general idea what other powders MIGHT be useful in a particular cartridge.

Example. WW 296, H110, 2400, Blue Dot, and Green Dot are all in the same relative area of the chart (I'm not certain of their specific order).

By looking at the chart, and knowing that you're currently using 2400 in your loads, you get the rough idea that 296, 110, BD and GD all MIGHT be suitable substitutes. Then you head for loading manuals to find out if your hunch is correct.

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