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Last IPSC i participated (after a fashion - i never compete in IPSC these days - just sort of wander through the courses of fire shooting up things more or less according to the layout - I had reloaded some 230 gn lead ahead of just under 6 gns Unique - i know they were keyholing because many of the paper targets had holes the exact shape of the round nose lead slug - sideways. Very amusing - about 800 fps and a loud bang that sure got everyones attention, as well as a lot of smoke and that very special smell of burned Unique (wonder if thats why they called it that? together with Hoppes #9 must be one of the aromas that contribute towards making shooting such a delight) - but i digress
The pistol in this case was a Ballester Molina - a 1911 near-clone. Never keyholed - in this case, tumbled, bullets before and i figure there may hvae been at least two related problems:
(1) was driving too fast and
(2) the problem seemed to progress along the course ... about 160 shots in total. Unique is especially 'dirty' and velocity (as well as general perfomance) may have been a culprit as the barrel generally coked up. But then again, I may be completely wrong.

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