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I agree with Leftoverdj, Ed Matunas is just plain patronizing and condescending. Other writers get it across for the less experienced without sounding superior. I wish Ed Harris were still writing about loading and I'd like to rejuvenate Ken Waters.

The reason Lee data looks peculiar is because their "never exceed" load is the powder company's maximum. That's ok. But their starting load is the next load at or below the maximum that they have a fixed charge disk measure for. No standardized 10% reduction like most, no set minimum pressure like Lyman seems to go by, just whatever the Lee disk measure will deliver that will not exceed the maximum. Sometimes it is a substantial reduction, sometimes it equals the maximum.

I don't load Unique heavy, I don't load 2400 light, I have seen bad ammo from both practices.

Y'all be careful, now, you hear?
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