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Well, let's see, there are 16 ounces in a pound, 176 in 11 pounds. Divide 176 by .875 and get 201, you are right.

Who sells shot by the 11 lbs? All the birdshot I have ever bought was in 25 lb bags. $30 for 11 lbs is a lot, Gamaliel sells chilled (cheap, ok for skeet) shot for $17.75 a 25 lb bag. Surely a local store or skeet club will have it trucked in for not too much freight.

Remington Gun Club hulls are ok for a few loadings, the STS target shells will last longer. AAs went to a two-piece design and are not as well thought of as they used to be.

Use lead shot wherever allowed. Which is basically for everything except waterfowl most places. Some repressive jurisdictions are banning lead on claimed environmental grounds but really because they are anti gun.
Steel is more expensive and requires special wads to protect the barrel.
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