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Component ?'s from a Noob

Hey guys, I ordered a MEC steelmaster press in 20 gauge last night and a lyman's reloading book from

As far as powder, primer, etc. goes I have a few questions

1. How many rounds will 11lb. of 7 1/2 shot make? (I calculated 201 rounds using 7/8 ounce of shot). Is that the way to do it? Cause at $30 for 11lb's (201) rounds doesn't sound to cheap when you add on the wads, primers, etc.

2. I have started to save my Remington gun club spent hulls. Are these any good? Or do I need to buy the Winchester AA's?

3. What is the difference between lead and steel shot? I'm just shooting clays if that helps. Will steel hurt my shotgun?


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