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I started in '76 with the LEE 'hammer thingie' (wear heavy gloves while priming!).

I currently use a LEE Reloader (broke it on its FIRST stroke -- now only for holding my powder measure and flaring AND dropping powder through those marvelous Lyman 'M' drop-through dies); it's mounted next to my Bonanza Co-Ax.
Across this bench sits my Lyman Crusher II (bought because it has three mounting holes).
On my 'production' bench sits my XL650, now with only ten toolheads (sold five; gotta finance these gun projects somehow, ay?) filled with dies and powder check stations.

Under my production bench sits the LEE Challenger I bought new (way too cheap not to try) but it broke during its first session.

RCBS / REDDING / Hornady / Lyman presses.
Dillon for progressive machinery.
"all my ammo is mostly retired factory ammo"
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