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Squib load rod...

My local Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) sells threaded brass rod in various diameters. They sell in various lengths, I find the 12" length to be handy for most handguns. The brass is softer than rifle barrel, and the threading will crush if it jams the side of the bore.

A 5/16" (.3125") threaded brass rod is perfect for the 36 caliber family. I think (check it yourself) the 10 or 12 size rod is good for 22s. 7/16" is good for .45s but may be just a bit large for .44 (.429"). 3/8" (.375) should do for .44 and probably .45 too. As long as you're at the hardware place, buy a plastic mallet if you don't have one. The plastic mallet will hit pretty hard, but won't screw up the finish when you do the last smack and hit the muzzle.

I've only used these on handguns, but OSH sells a two or three foot length of the same brass rod that should do for rifles. I really don't want to think about squibing a rifle round...
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