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I use one of two powders for most all my handguns.

I use WW 231 as my default pistol powder for most everything. Everything from .32 ACP to 'light' .44 Magnum loads.

I recently found some surplus powder from GI Brass ( which was designed for the .30 Carbine. Oddly enough, I use it in my .30 Carbine. However, it's close to the same burn rate as H110, so it serves in the same capacity one would employ H110; such as .357 and .44 Magnum heavy loads.

And I use "Clays" for my .45 ACP target loads only.

Please note: The surplus powder to which I refer is NOT H110 powder and does not burn EXACTLY the same. All lots of surplus powder tend to vary one from another. If one cannot pay attention and work up loads carefully, one should probably not mess with the stuff. If you blow yourself up, the secretary will disavow all knowledge. Batteries not included. Don't talk to strangers and write if you get work.
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