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OneInTheChamber I had a guy show me how to reload so I guess I was lucky. Get a kit and just start. But! Don't do like most guys like to do. Read the instructions after you have a queistion . Even with the kit you will need to get powder, primers, bullets, brass and a tumbler. If you get a carbide die you will not need the lube pad and case lube. As far as I know they only make carbide dies in pistol calibers or straight wall type cases.

Read the reloading manual first and give it a try. It's not that hard. Don't get in a hurry. You will need a good reloading bench. I does not need to be fancy. Just something that will handle the force when you push down on the press. It helps to have good lights to light up your bench. If you fallow all the safety rules outlined in the manual you should be just fine.

I really like the Rockchucker press. I think that press will last forever. I bought mine used and I bet I have reloaded 40.000 rounds after I bought it. I know I have loaded 20.000 rounds just in 45 ACP. One day I'm going to get a Dillon press. When I shoot IDPA I see some people have reload problems with there guns. They use a progressive press. I have never had a reload problem with a single stage press. But it sure does take a long time to reload 1000 rounds with a Rockchucker. The Rockchucker really shines when reloading rifle ammo. If I reload I will not except anything other than first rate ammo. I guess thats why I'm slow to change.

Good luck be safe and have fun!
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