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ok here is a list

ok here is a list :
2 presses (one shot gun & one for pistol/rifle)
i set of dies for each caliber.....i use lee's 4 carbide die sets
powder scale
powder measure ( i hear the disk types are better)
brass tumbler or vibratory cleaner(i heard that some use rock tumblers from harbor freight .....vibrating cleaners are pretty cheap)
molds for those cal's you wish to cast yourself (2 or 6 cavity i use the molds that allow for tumbler lubrication.....its easier)
furnace if you cast yourself (get one that feeds from the bottom)
depending on what press maybe auto primers.
reloading manuals get a couple information is a really good thing.
if you cast you can scrounge or buy cheap lead
maybe the best way to get started would be to buy the setup for the caliber/gauge the you shoot most...although 9mm might not offer that much of a savings....something like 45acp shows pretty good savings.
incidentals like cleaning media ( get the stuff from the pet stores), primers
bullet lube, flux, powder, primer pocket cleaner case length trimmer,case chamfering tool.
i am sure someone else will come along shortly to add the things i have forgot....and to offer opinions and experiences.
the cost?....get you final list together and price the stuff out then if you decide to buy used you will be able to better determine if you are getting a deal.
in the meantime...while you wait to get your ammo with reloadable brass and save it
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