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Tonyz. Find a lead bullet that is as close to the ones you are having trouble with weight-wise, but in at least .358" diameter.
Make sure your handgun's bore is as free of leading as you can make it. 9MM bores run from .355 to .358 in diameter. If your bullets are .356", then I can see why you are having problems. If you know a bullet caster who casts bullets in that diameter,.358/.359, see if he will give you a few to seat in the brass to check for fit, and to slide through the chambers of the 9MM cylinder. Tight is OK. If they are real loose, that could be the source of your problem. I size my 9MM bullets to .359. The bores I have in 3 9MM pistols run .358 and one is .359.
If you have any questions, E-mail me and I'll try to figure them out.
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