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Ok I have been reloading the same bullets and
caliber for awhile, 9mm-122Gr lazer-cast Flat Point bullets, in F.C and winchester Brass, with winchester primmers and an OAL of 1.070. I usually use a medium load 4.0Gr of Titegroup.
I have bumped this powder load up and down looking for the most accurate load. In the last 2 weeks some of my leadcast reloads are hitting the target sidways.But is seams to only happen with the my Ruger Blackhack 357,38Spl with the 9mm conversion cylinder. This load has shot sub 1&1/2 inch groups for months
The 2 pistol that I am shooting in 9mm are the Ruger P95 and the ruger Blackhawk with the 9mm cylinder.
This does not happen with my other bullets
rainer and Hardcast copper plated. with the same load. Help anyone!!!

Thanks Tony Z

also for gun accessorys.

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