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I'm trying to make a load similar to Corbon's 9mm 115gr. +P

Hey all, the topic title sums it up.

I keep the Corbon 115gr. +P JHP's in my G19 for defense.

But, I sure don't want to pay those kind of prices for general practice.

As a disclaimer: I've done plenty of reloading, 9x19 included, and am aware of and accept all risks and responsibilities associated with reloading firearm ammunition. Any advice or suggestion I receive will be taken with a "grain" of salt, so to speak. All loads will be reduced and I accept all risks.

So, back to the topic.
I'd like to load up some 115gr. FMJ's that approximate the velocities of the Corbons.
I've just recently chrony'd the Corbons and they scream out of my G19 at an average of 1472fps!

Now, it may not be feasible to make my loads that hot, but I want to make something that's solidly in the +P arena.

Anyone have any idea what powder Corbon is using in their 115's?

Basically, it boils down to wanting a load that shoots to the same POA, and has about the same felt recoil.

Again, I'm not necessarily looking for "use X.XX grains of ABC powder with an XYZ slug", but if you could point me in the right direction I'd surely appreciate it!

Thanks, -K

(I posted this over at GlockTalk too, but seeing as how a lot of Glockers are opposed to reloads I don't know how may responses I'll get over at that site.)
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