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Bench for a dillion 550b

Hi all,
I have been out of reloading for awhile. Since 1999 to be exact. I would like to get my dillion out and make it usefull again I have a few questions that I wanted opinion on.
I would like to mount the dillion on a bench that I can move around if need be maybe one with wheels that lock. It needs to be space saving and have storage for the componets. Is there anything out there like that?
The second thing is my old supplies are they still good? I checked on what I have and it is alot of powder and primers. They were stored in a cool dry place with tempature control. I know that the bullets and the brass that is there is still OK.
I would realy like to get back into it just for a few types of ammo. One is the 44 special which is very hard to find at a resonable price.
Any ideas will be great!
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