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FWIW : I am absolutely anal about safety when it comes to reloading. I check, check, recheck, ask tons of questions when there's any doubt. Eye protection, ear protection, all that.

But even I don't worry too much about primers. They seem mean and scary, but in reality they're fairly weak. Certainly take tons of precautions doing the reverse popout. But once you reseat properly, disposing via the gun is truly safe. As I stated above, put the primed case in your gun - muzzle into a towel and pull the trigger. The sound will be somewhat equivalent of dropping a 2x4 from waist height on a concrete floor and having it land perfectly flat. A *snap*, but nothing more. If I did it in my garage, and you were standing 5' away from outside the closed door, I doubt you'd notice anything - let alone inside another house or out mowing your lawn. It's not even remotely close to the sound of a firing round.

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