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You guys raise a couple questions in my mind.

Blue Heeler--Where is this place, "away" that you throw things? How do you know that kids won't go there, play with your primers, and explode one. You can imagine the anti-gun headlines.

Lloyd Smale--It has been demonstrated that water doesn't reliably kill modern primers. Back to the same problem--What happens when someone fishes some of your stuff out?

JJB2--I keep an 18" piece of railroad rail in my basement to use as an anvil. I do not and would not use active railroad track! ANY such solid thing would do; a rock, or a concrete driveway, would do. You just need to put the primer on something so you can hit it with a hammer and kill it.

My point, guys, was and is that unwanted primers need to be deactivated before being discarded, and setting them off by hitting them (while wearing appropriate safety equipment) is the most easy, effective and reliable way of deactivating them. That's all.
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