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You might try this though it is not the normal way...If you have a .45 LC sizing die take the decapper bolt and pin out of it, then run your loaded .45 Magnum rounds just slightly up into the die. This should remove any bulge and the round should chamber in the Lars. This technique worked in .45 auto rim cartridges that wouldn't chamber in an old .45 acp 1917 model S&W. Hope it works for you, it did for me. Good luck.


<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Stealth:
I can't decide whether this post belongs in this area or the the firearms are malfunctioning. Input is greatly appreciated!

I recently was asked to reload for a buddy of mine. He has two Lars Grizzlies in .45 Winchester Magnum. The press is a Dillon RL550B. Dies are RCBS. We're reloading Hornady 250gr HP/XTP (.452) over 16.5gr Blue Dot.

When feeding from the magazine, the slide does not go into battery (both pistols). If/when it does, it feels like the slide is 'stuck' closed with the round in the chamber.

I compared the handloaded rounds to factory ammo and all measurements are +/- 0.001"
(OAL measured differently, as the factory stuff was a 200gr round. OAL on the handloaded stuff is under the listed amount in the loading manuals. Ejected, loaded cartridges show no indications of having touched the rifling)

My question is this: Are these pistols known for having extremely tight chambers? If not, and the ammo is within SAMMI specs, what could be causing this? (btw...there are no buildups of carbon, or any other 'gunk' in the firearm or chamber)

If these are known for tight chambers, where can I pick up some of that material to make a chamber casting and measure the dimensions?

Thanks for any help!

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