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I'm a newbie, and I loaded some dummy rounds for my 30-06 Garand. Heres the scoop, I used various OAL's from 2.95-3.28. I've been told that 3.34 is OK to use for an OAL. Anyway, I loaded a clip with these unprimed dummies, and cycled the action. I was checking to see if the bolt closed on all rounds, and if there were dents and headspace problems on the shoulders of each round. After the third or fourth cylcle of eight, I had a bullet remain in the chamber(Unbeknownst to me) and the brass ejected. The next two rounds jammed into the back of that bullet and reseated them beyond the crimp. My question is did all the "cycling" cause the bullet to come loose, or should I be crimping these rounds on my RCBS? I also remeasured all the rounds after this test and only one was not below the minimum OAL of 2.94. What did I do wrong? Additionally, is this experiment a valid test for the ammo? I'm taking all advice. I don't wanna blow my head off. Thanks in Advance

ps. should I get the bullet puller and try to save the bullets which were shoved down into the neck of the brass? Or just chuck them?

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