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I forgot that I bought 2lbs of ww748 and 1lb of rel15 at a yard sale. Dodge, I'll try your load. Off the top of my head, isn't reloader 15 good for .223. I'm shooting a Rem 700 classic and the varmints are 'yotes, ground hogs and crows. Thank you so far. Just braggin', I made out like a bandit at that yard sale. I got 2lbs of ww296, 2lbs of ww748, 1lb of Reloader 15, 1lb IMR-4350, 2boxes 150gr ballistic tips, 1 box 150gr partitions, 1000 pcs 9mm brass, 100 pcs 30-06 brass, tumbler, media seperator, F1 chronograph, RCBS .44 mag dies, calipers, lube pad, set of shell plates, lee 9mm dies, 1000 large pistol primers, 1000 large rifle primers, 300gr .44 cal XTP bullets and lots of other things. I gave $52 for all of it. I got home and it looked like I bought a Midway catalog.

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