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Getting rid of primers

Tvick66--I agree w/Kaiser, except for the part about priming a case and "firing" it in yr gun. I've done that, and priming the cases took time, and firing them dirtied up my gun so it needed cleaning.

The next time I had primers to dispose of, I just put them one at a time on a pc. of railroad track that I use for an anvil, and hit them smartly with a hammer. Do this outdoors, BTW. Primer fumes contain lead. Breathing lead isn't good for you. NOTE: WHEN DOING THIS, OR WHEN EXPLODING PRIMERS IN ANY WAY, WEAR EYE/EAR PROTECTION!!!!!
This was no more noisy than priming cases and firing them, and had the advantage of not priming the cases, and not having to clean a gun afterwards.

Heartily agree that chemically deactivating primers is difficult to do reliably. They are just too well made, and too stable!

BTW, I have experimentally re-used primers after removing them from cases with the depriming die, and the 20-30 or so I did this with, performed perfectly. I did, however, make sure to use them for practice. Would not want to try this where depending on a round to be sure-fire would be any sort of issue.

I even used one once where I half-crushed the primer by accidentally trying to insert a second primer into the primer pocket. That round also fired with no apparent ill effects.

Nowadays, primers are really, really stable, and really, really dependable, and really, really hard to kill--except by a sudden blow!
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