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My biased, but totally correct suggestions:

NO caliper, dial or digital, reads to .0001. (most digital calipers have displays to .0005, but that is their max resolution (they round to the nearest half a thousandth). Yes, you can sometimes estimate a bit closer with a good dial model, but that is not accurate enough for the case web measurement you're wanting to make. You'll need a micrometer for that.

The BEST digital caliper is the Mitutoyo Absolute. (The "Absolute" feature retains the zero setting in memory.) There are several models, mine is #CD-6"CS; bought from MSC for about $110.00. You won't be disappointed!

MSC website is, or phone for a catalog @ 800-645-7270. You'll have to give them the name of your 'business'--just make one up if necessary. They also have their catalog on CD-rom, which I highly reccommend--the paper catalog weighs about 12 pounds (no I'm not kidding; get the CD and save a tree!)

This is one of those tools that continually gives the satisfaction of owning the best...

I wont reccommend a mic; there are lots of good ones out there. try to find a 'friction thimble' model if you can, for a bit better 'feel'.

Best, weegee

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