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Range Demo

A good demo I use on the range to show people how bad they are anticipating is the following.

Clear the weapon and verify x2 people.
Have the shooter aim in on a target.
I stand beside them and have a hand on their back.
With the other hand I put it in front of the muzzle and give it a medium tap to give the shooter a feel of a recoil.
I do this 4-6 times in a row and then all of a sudden I "miss the barrel" and my hand goes low.
Every shooter will anticipate the hand coming in contact with the muzzle, ie recoil, and will put some "weight into the gun" anticipating the strike.
This has caused some shooters to lean in so much that they have to take a step forward to quit from falling.
I do this to our SWAT guys every couple of months to emphasize the importance of recoil management/anti-anticipation.

Hope this helps.
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