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Contraceptives missing from Houston warehouse
Issue date: 3/4/04 Section: News In Brief
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HOUSTON (AP) - A surprise audit of the city's south side pharmaceutical warehouse has discovered that thousands of packages of birth control medications and other medical supplies are missing.

Findings of the Sept. 8 audit were released by city officials on Tuesday.
The warehouse, which supplies the city's eight health clinics, stocks items such as birth control pills and prescription antibiotics. The supplies are worth $500,000.

Auditors found discrepancies among 57 of the 60 items reviewed. Out of the 57 items, auditors found shortages in 45, but discovered more inventory than was listed in the records for the other 12 products.

The largest shortages were found among oral contraceptives, with 8,619 packages unaccounted for, and foam contraceptives. Officials said 5,086 packages were unaccounted for.
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