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Welcome to the club! One thing you may consider is one of the kits which have most everything you are supposed to need to get going (except dies, although I think Lee's might comes with one set). A couple years back my wife gave me a huge RCBS Rock Chucker kit to replace my Lee Loader (Lee Loader is slow and definitely "handmade" ammo, but it works). I had a Lyman single stage press and RCBS 30-30 dies as a kid but never really got into it then so it doesn't count. What a pleasure it was to get it going; it has scales, Speer manual, the press, hand primer, case deburring tool, lube tray, and more. I just bought my brother an RCBS Partner kit for Christmas for $150at Gander Mountain, included what he needed to get going, except the dies. For a guy on a budget, they (or the Lee kits) would do it for a lot less than $700. Check out Cabela's, Midway, and your local gun shop/gun shows for reloading gear. The gun shop is really handy if the owner reloads, most folks are happy to impart knowledge. Read the book, and everything else you can get your hands on. And ask questions. I have Lee, RCBS and Lyman dies they all seem pretty good.
Of course, you will end up buying a lot more stuff (tricklers, case trimmers, etc.), just like guns you can never have enough stuff!

Have fun with whatever you do get!
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