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The one thing that was made perfectly clear when I took Certification Course at the North Carolina Justice Academy, was the procedure involving contact with a LEO. No grey area. You put your hands on the steering wheel, in plain sight, and LEAVE them there, as you inform the LEO you have a CCH and have a gun in the car. What should I do? Simple answer. YOU DO WHAT HE TELLS YOU TO DO. He has every right to do as he pleases. Yes, he can ask where the weapon is, remove you from the car, remove the weapon from you, cuff you, put you in his car, and run checks on you, your car and the gun.
You should have been over all of this in your CCH class. This subject is on my written test concerning CCH issues. I tell my students there are several questions that must be answered correctly, and this is one of them.

I have been through numerous road blocks on the roads of NC when I was a salesman. Not once was I eve hastled. The normal reply is thanks for telling me, and what are you carrying?

Common sense prevails when your dealing with an LEO. They are in a super stressful job. The pay is poor. They know you have a gun. Most have no idea the training you went through to get the CCH. They catch grief from most of the people they have to deal with.

Which makes more sense? Do what the law tell you to do during a stop, being as polite as can be while following the LEOS instructions, or cop an attitude.
You WILL NOT win this arguement.
I hate you had sucha bad experience. Think about this.I wonder how the LEO will handle the next encounter with a CCH holder after the encounter he just had with you? I hope I'm not the next one down the line.

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