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Who "NEEDS" this

A friend and I went to watch some long-distance rifle competition once. To our amazement, some of the competitors were brewing-up some loads at the match. And they were using what I call powder-throwers. Like the RCBS "Uniflow". Now, I don't remember the name brand but, I made a remark to my podnah, and the shooter heard me. He very politely explained to me that #1, he trusted his machine and #2, that volume measuring was plenty good-enough. And here we were weighing every charge.

Well, you'd think that wouldda been enough huh? Not for me, I still wieghed-up every load right up until Katrina took my reloading stuff for a ride to who-knows-where.

My perspective has now changed a little. I just finished telling my twin sons how (for now) "all we probably need" is a set of those Lee scoopers/dippers/spoonies or whatever you call them.

As they left the room I had to laugh! Funny how "needs" change.
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