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Hodgdon puts out a "magazine-like" format where they reprint every year. It cost me $8 at the Dillon store (I live in Scottsdale).

Lyman puts out a large-scale paperback-like book that is inexpensive but provides a wealth of different loadings.

The Lee #2 is good in some respects, but some of the data differs with what other makers suggest. I have found several discrepancies in it and I trust any of my other reloading manuals to be more accurate than it.

The cartridge-specific loading manuals (I have one for .44magnum) are really just photocopied compilations of different powder maker's data and different bullet maker's data. No independent research. Very good data, but freely available off the internet if you have a printer and a half and hour. If you put in an order with Dillon for anything and ask for the Alliant, Accurate or anybody else's free reloading manuals you will get them shipped with your order. Winchester, Hornady, Accurate, Alliant and others all post reload data on their manufacturers' websites. So do Berry's Bullets and Rainier Bullets (two common inexpensive "plated" bullet manufacturers).

Good cartridges to choose, btw. Very versatile, especially when you get into handloading. Good luck!
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