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RE: mental health- when you apply for a CCH they send a letter to the various mental hospitals in the state to see if you were ever admitted/ patient there. thats the end of that investigation , I believe.
Ares45- please explain /expound on LEO giving you your gun back in pieces?!? Why would you give LEO the gun ? I know one friend who went round and round w/ a LEO (during a traffic stop) about this - my friend was quite adament about not surrendering his weapon. he finally ended up locking it in trunk for duration of LEO's "visit" . I think that was a great idea; there is no mention in law of having to surrender firearm . As my friend pointed out, "possession is 9/10ths of the law" , and he wasn't going to have to hire a lawyer and go through legal process to get his own property back . If anyone else has experience - knowledge of this, I'd like to hear it.....
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