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I had two single stage presses over 20 years or so, until I bought my first progressive, a MEC 650 shotshell press. Learning the progressive was a somewhat traumatic experience, with more loads of shot dropped on the hardware floor than I care to remember.

Compared with the MEC, however, the Dillon SDB is a piece of cake. I wouldn't even think of starting out a new reloader on a single stage press, unless he is a real obsessive-compulsive person assembling match ammo with each charge weighed.

The only thing a single stage press gives you is the knowledge of how each station works, and the adjustements to dies, powder measure, etc. necessary at each station. A progressive can give you the same experience, and an easy to use one like the SDB, or the 550 (which is only a trifle more difficult, since you need to remember to rotate the cartridge cases each time), can successfully be used as a first press.

Further, the Dillon SDB comes already adjusted; just use the same bullet, set the powder measure, load up primers and powder, and you are reloading.

If you insist on a single stage press, I suggest using someone elses. This will give you experience without money tied up in equipment you will shortly stop using.

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