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Thanks for all the responses. to answer a couple of Q's, Yes, I already own the press. If the thing breaks as much as you guys say, I'm thinking about a Dillon Square Deal B later on...but anyway. I am having a friend come over that has about 20,000 rounds through his Pro 1000 to help me get started (several hours of training). We've both been trained as instructors (not on reloading, but general formal instructing) and I'm sure that he will present the instruction in a classroom type way Vs. "stick it in, pull that" type of mahem. Yes, I do plan on doing one cartridge at a time for quite a while. PS, if any of you live on the Colorado Front Range, I just saved $27 on lead LSWCs and LRNs at Shootin' Den Vs. Midway! $60 for 1000 Vs. almost $90! Well, I've really asked a lot of people about this since my talk with Midway, and I haven't heard another screaming "You're gonna die!" message. I think that I'll press on (sorry for the pun) safely.
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