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Originally Posted by tjhands
... Oregon Trail Lazer-Casts. What caliber ...
The quick answer is "yes!"

Actually you only see the front row, there's an additional 6 or 7 boxes behind those out of view. You might get the idea I love Laser-Cast.

I use them in 9mm, .357/.38, .40, .44 and .45 (Colt and ACP) calibers.

For my 1911, I use both 230 RN, and one of my favorites, the 155 SWCBB. The 155 is extremely accurate; it's like taking a .452" paper punch and going to work on the center of a target - very neat holes. The hard part with them is finding the optimum OAL. That turned out to more difficult than usual.

In .44 Magnum, the L-C 300 gr. TC's makes some real slammers. Great for hunting.
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