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>>I'm DEFINITELY not an expert, but I
>>think a lot of the scorn Lee stuff is
>>based on their progressive presses
>>and the love Dillion stuff is based on
>>the satisfaction of owning the best
>>and not having to wring every cent out
>>of scarce dollars.

I'm definitely not a reloading snob, and I dont have money to throw around, but I do own a Dillon progressive loader. They are $370 complete, so I dont think they are really for rich people. I heard alot of good things about their progressives and saw that they cost about the same as RCBS, Hornady and others, so I bought one.

As far as Lee is concerned, I like Lees Factory Crimp Dies, those things are fantastic for semiauto pistol rounds.

Single stage, turret, or progressive are all fine to start with. As someone above said, if you start with a progressive, use it as either a single stage for a while or just complete one cartridge at a time so you get a feel for reloading. It takes some repetition to get it all down, and lots of attention.

An important tip I can give you with a progressive is to start with a powder that fills over half the case for the load you want. It is much easier to detect a double charge this way as it will overflow, and I think that is probably the most dangerous mistake one can make other than firing a squib and not realizing it before firing another cartridge.
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