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I started from the lowliest hardware possible: The lee loader kit and dippers. A box of ammo an hour was hard work, and I just couldn't do it for more than an hour without a break.
I have been loading for over 10 years now, and I can say I have increased in speed and ease of use with every change, every new piece of equipment.
I went through various hand presses, small presses from various companies, and even a RCBS special-5 (One step under a rock chucker in the RCBS line.). My dillon setup is by far the best/fastest/easiest but my ammo made by that Lee loader kit is no better or worse than the ammo I made yesterday. But now the ammo is as good as the box an hour stuff, and I can make about 9 boxes an hour, give or take. (And it's much easier than running a lee loader for 15 minutes, much less nine hours.)
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