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YES. Of course you should get your CCW. When election time rolls around vote your conscience and maybe we'll get some thing done about the fine print.

I can't remember the last time I went anywhere "naked". I did leave the heat in the car for thanksgiving dinner at my sister's with two small kids and all. Sis gets the willies with guns around the kids so I decided to give it a rest for one day. Other than that I just don't go there. Movies aren't my thing. Don't go to bars cause I'm not 21 anymore. I Stay away from public gatherings because I don't like crowds. I carry at work because I run the place so it's legal. Restaurants are occasionally a bummer but I'm creative and thurough always keep an eye on entrances and possible exits. The "feet don't fail me now' approach has worked wonders in the past and I imagine I can still move it when highly motivated.

The two biggest advantages are a gun permit 24/7 and speeding tickets that turn into warnings. LEO's apparently don't like to spend time chatting with also-armed civilians. They will give your gun back to you in pieces though.
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