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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Robert the41MagFan:
Fine ball powder is rough on wheel guns, particularly on .357 and .41 Magnums. They tend to flame cut the top strap between the forcing cone and cylinder. Most powders from Alliant are good alternatives. Look at 2400 and Blue Dot, a bit quicker powders, but they will save your guns. I like Herco powder for targets and plinking. Leave the hot stuff for hunting or for that special day you wish to put a really big smile on your face.


Hmmmmmmm... .357mags huh? I shoot a Dan Wesson .357 mag and was sort of wondering *if* the `adjustment' between the cylinder and forcing cone that I can set *might* make it a bit more tolerant? I've been staying away from H110 just because of that particular `rumor' just in case. Been using Blue Dot and *not* going for `hotrodding' my loads. (Though now and then I do occasionally have an urge to run a *few* through just for the hallibut. Kinda fun as an `attention getter' on an otherwise `quiet?' day on the range or going after the occasional prairie dog. {CHORTLE!})

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