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The throat being referred to is the area of the chamber ahead of the bullet. The forcing cone is the rear-most piece of the barrel. I've shot a bit of H110, and it is a fine magnum pistol powder. I agree that it MAY cause some frame erosion, but back in my Metallic Silhouette days, the only cartride/pistol combo that this was generally noted in was the Ruger Blackhawk in .357 Max (a stretched Mag case). Unless you're going to fire thousands and thousands of full-tilt boogie medicine in the .44, I don't think flame erosion of the frame or pitting of the forcing cone is all that much of an issue. IMHO, I wouldn't hot-rod the .45Colt to .44 mag specs. You've got a .44mag, use it when much wreckage must be applied. Load the .45 w/ midrange loads of Unique (or some such newfangled stuff as AA5 or Universal Clays) and it'll outlive your heirs. In fact, while I'm on the soapbox, I'll admit that I'm down to 2 powders for revolvers, Unique and H110. Nothing I need to do can't be done with those two. How's that for sublime confidence expressed in a tortured sentence?
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