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So many opinions, so little time

Coyote, dude;

The turret is great for an introduction to reloading and can be a very small investment if you buy Lee (under $100 with dies) The small investment is less painful if you decide reloading isn't for you.

If you can deal with 150 rounds per hour, a turret is an economical way to go. AND FUN! If you need 500 per hour, just listen to everyone else and spend $600 on a Dillon set up with all the bells.

The Lee cast iron "classics" are hell for stout, both turret and single stage. They aren't anything like the cast aluminum models.

Turrets don't require "fiddling" if you get a separate $15 head for each caliber. Set it and forget it.

Single stages require many die changes ("fiddling")

Progressives are complex, require adjustment and tuning ("fiddling")

The turret head "gives" a little on the downstroke. The movement is consistent and is accounted for when you adjust your die properly. The loaded rounds are consistent for powder drop, bullet seating depth and crimp. I doubt if you are loading "match" ammo.

I'm DEFINITELY not an expert, but I think a lot of the scorn Lee stuff is based on their progressive presses and the love Dillion stuff is based on the satisfaction of owning the best and not having to wring every cent out of scarce dollars.
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