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Nc Cch

How's this for a grey area. I have to use a PO Box for mail. I use a rural PO in the same building with my drug store.

For all you NC guys I'm in Hickory, I "shoot" (more like killing time) at Bullseye in Vale. Hickory Skeet Club, Catawba Valley Wildlife, Morganton Skeet Range, Gastonia Skeet Range,Springs Road Sporting & Shooting (when they aren't bankrupt), Shooters Express, Boone & Wilkesboro IDPA on occassion when I'm up to it.

Guys, IMO CCH covers your butt in the car. Each & every district has it's own
"version" of legal carry in a car. If I go to town, I can be stopped by Hickory PD (no comment), Brookford PD, Catawba County Sherrifs, Highway Patrol, and now DOT. Hand them the card when they ask for it, and your covered, no matter where you have your hangun stored. Every where else is a bonus.

I'm covered when I go to the grocery store, and shopping. If they have the no carry sign up, and it's a store that meets the criteria for legal carry, I ask for the manager and usually ask them to put whatever I went to buy back on the shelf, as I don't do business with anti gun stores. I do explain GRNC will supply tem with signs stating Concealed Carry by Licensed Persons ONLY.

I talked to Valley Hills Mall & Refuse to do business with those (*@()@_s
I then called every store and told them. Sears HQ called me back & said they WELCOME our business, and as they are not in the Mall proper, Valley Hills can mind their own business.

I would encourage ANYONE accosted in the parking lot of a NO CARRY business retain a lawyer the next day. If they have to pay out a few civil suits, heads turn.


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