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I love the Lee factory crimp die for 10mm/40, but it gets too little use, as I have Lee 40 carbide reloading/sizing dies! You can just back out the bullet seat die and use 'em to load 10mm, too(which I do). Never in about 10,000 rounds have I had a problem resizing "Glock bulged" brass in 40, and the crimp die barely kisses the cases on post sizing operations for me.

Like AF said, they (resized Glock bulgies) may not fit a check die (they often do, though!), but they sure shoot just fine!

RCBS lock rings have a brass set screw to positively lock the adjustment, not some BS squishy rubber O rings. They're worth their weight in GOLD if you have to switch your dies from tool head to tool head!


PS, that EGW die looks cool, but you probably will never need it, unless you plan on resizing MAJOR amounts of Glock fodder.
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