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wild, violent crime rates after ccw are tallied over a 5 year period. Year one drops over 10%. For some reason year 2 jumps back around 5%. Then there is a steady drop, with most states averging 15% drop in violent crime over the 5 years.

Catawba County will drag you through the entire 90 days. The gentlemen that fingerprints you is one more fine person. I hope he doesn't retire soon.
He makes the trip to the Sherrif's office enjoyable.

IMO Sherriff Huffman is the decideing factor on the full 90 day wait.
When we first started classes, you could appeal to sherrif for an emergency instant permit if you were "justified", whatever that means. Seem to recalone student that owned project buildings, and got the permit early, but i think he had to pay $90 again when the permanent permit arrived.

As for taking the class, I offer money back if the student feels it wasn't worth the time. No takers. Most said they picked up on handgunning basics they never knew or had forgot. I had one parent bring a teen in for the class. Of course they got no permit, but they wanted their child to learn firearms safety before he had use of a gun. Nor did I charge him for the course. I even had to ex Police officers tell me they had more training in my 12 hour class than they had as an officer. That is scarey!
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