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Yep, get one if you can. I have one but don't carry as much as I should. I'm still sorting out my holster options. But I'm glad I got it.

Lots of restrictions, but you can carry to MOST places. Like others said, it helps for purchasing other firearms. It's accepted in 28 other states. That number will probably grow. And it's a whole lot better than NOT having it.

Remember, laws change. Think beyond just today. Used to be no CCW here in NC. Now we have it but with restrictions. I'm hoping the restrictions will soon disappear once the scare tactics used to create them no longer work on voters. And there's safety in numbers. The more people who have CCWs, the less likely bad guys are going to cause trouble, and the less likely the pols are going to get rid of CCWs.

Every new CCW holder is another civilian soldier added to the militia and another potential voter who will vote out the SOBs trying to infringe on our rights.
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