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Whoah, there, buddy. hold the horses.

I have a friend who has had a dillon progressive for years. he constantly forgets one of the stages and ends up with powder on the floor, no powder in the case, or no primer in the case.

Is it his fault? Probably.

But, I hold the opinion that progressives are more prone to mistakes than single stage.

Especially for a beginner.

Be meticulous. I promise, you will make enough "oopses" on a single stage to frustrate yourself without introducing progressive potential mistakes.

I've been reloading for 2 years on a single stage. At this point, I can load about 75 cartridges an hour, maybe 100. It depends on how large my batches are (50 at a time, 100 at a time, 200 at a time) before removing one die and readjusting for the next. If I work in batches of 50 (resize, deprime, reprime, powder, bullet & crimp) I run about 60/hour. If I work in batches of 200, I run about 120/hour.

And I have very good quality control, arguably better than a progressive loader.
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