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I am NOT experienced enough to even call myself a reloader yet, however, I do have a little experience with guns. What you're describing doesn't sound like a "stovepipe." What you described is the loaded cartridge doesn't make it all the way into the chamber (it gets stuck half-way up the feed ramp, with the bullet inside the chamber...right?) Kimber has awfully tight chambers, and they do have feeding problems from time to time with SWC and such. Take it to a very competent 191 smith, and tell him you need the chamber reamed out throated)more. That'll fix you up. Sending it back to Kimber will get you an answer like, "The chamber is throated to our specs." So that won't do you any good. If this answer really bothers you, you can do two things: Find a 1911 that shoots SWC's reliably and measure the throating, and then measure yours (yours will be smaller I'd bet. Speak to Brian Bilby, either here or on TFL...he re-reams Kimber chambers all the time.
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