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I am reloading .45acp with a Dillon SDB. I have reloaded about 10,000 round with 230 gr jacketed round nose, and had no problems other than usual; getting the right powder load, right OAL, etc...

I have just recently started shooting Rainer 200 gr SWC, and have been having problems. I load the round to 1.255 OAL, and use 3.8 gr of Clays. The accuracy is pretty good, but I have a problem with stove pipes (rounds stuck halfway into the chamber). I also have marks on roughly 75% of the brass that I use; a curved crease anywhere from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch from the top of the case.

I am shooting a Kimber Gold Cup; the ramp has been polished. I usually shoot 300 to 400 rounds a week, and have been shooting this gun for about 9 monthes with no problems (of course, with either factory or my on reloads of 230 gr RN jacketed). Obviously, I know that John Browning designed this gun to shoot 230 gr RN, but I also know other Kimber .45 acp owners who shoot nothing but SWC.

Help!! Should I adjust the OAL up/down slightly, adjust the powder, give up???


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